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One of the great feelings you can experience as a STEM educator is when you stumble across a website that is packed to the rafters with resources for you and your students. Often finding a site that lives up to its claim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for STEM educators can feel a bit like hunting a for a unicorn. Many sites will have some merit but will be deficient in other areas. Some sites are too specific to certain regional curricula.

One objective of The Global Science Teacher is to review and list as many top quality websites for STEM educators as possible so I am delighted to share CURIOCITY with you. This site is veritable treasure trove not only for STEM educators but also for STEM students.

This site is veritable treasure trove not only for STEM educators but also for STEM students and really does live up to its own aspirations of being a one-stop shop for science educators.

There is a great educators community, access to which is available when you register and there is a wide range of categorised resources as shown in the image below.



The ‘Nature of Science’ resources are particularly helpful. The site offers registered users to curate and compile their own resources from the which can then be shared with others.

CurioCity is a Canadian website produced by the excellent Canadian ‘Let’s Talk Science’ initiative and despite the fact that the content has been alligned to provincial curricula, way the site is organised  means that it will be an immense help to STEM educators anywhere in the english or french speaking world (the site is bilingual as Canada has two official languages!).

So check out the site, register and explore all it has to offer!

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Originally from the U.K. but now residing in Canada where I work as a Science & Technology educational consultant. I have an insatiable love and curiosity for science and passionately believe that scientific literacy is absolutely vital to produce citizens that can think critically.

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