Raspberry Pi update – ‘Our Slice of Pi’

In an earlier post, I discussed the exciting possibilities of using the revolutionary and highly affordable Raspberry Pi computer in the STEM teaching laboratory.

In that post, I did promise to post some updates on the progress of a pilot project I was working on with some teachers. So here’s the first!

This project is really a ‘proof of concept’ test to find out how easy/realistic it is to use the Raspberry Pi as an integral part of curricular experiments.  The goals of the meetings so far has been to

  • get familiar with the Pi and it’s GUI
  • import and modify Python code files from Sensing Science experiments
  • to look at which experiments we would like to attempt in this project
  • Try 1 or 2 experiments  in order to collect data and graph results

I must say, thus far things have gone very well and it’s already looking like using the Raspberry Pi with students to collect, log and graph data is going to be very ‘do-able’.

The teachers involved had various levels of comfort with computers and most had no experience with coding in Python, yet everyone was able to use the premade Python scripts with the Pi and the ‘sense HAT’ to carry out experiments.


By the end of the second day, teachers were getting comfortable with modifying the Python code scripts. As can be seen in the photos above, one of our teachers (Sam Altarac) even managed to re-code the script so that the camera module would determine when a chemical reaction was complete.

I decided to make a mini website in which I can record the team’s progress. Check out ‘Our Slice of Pi’ and join us as the journey unfolds


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