Mind-blowing Science education -Field trip to Mars

Some phrases or terms are so overused that they become essentially meaningless, in educational circles the term ’21st century education’ comes to mind as a prime example.

Recently however, I encountered a spectacular project that really does embody the aspirational futuristic notions of the idea

Lockheed Martin’s educational project ‘Generation Beyond’ have produced a stunning experience to fire the imaginations of some lucky students.

field trip to mars

Combining real astronomical data of Mars with GPS data from here on Earth they produced an amazing immersive virtual reality  experience in which allows students to tour Martian terrain from a modified school bus.

I would encourage you to look at the the website of the project and also enjoy the video below.

It looks as though the 21st century is beginning to make good on all those presumed promises for STEM learning


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Originally from the U.K. but now residing in Canada where I work as a Science & Technology educational consultant. I have an insatiable love and curiosity for science and passionately believe that scientific literacy is absolutely vital to produce citizens that can think critically.

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