What works and what doesn’t – the ‘Teaching & learning Toolkit’

The field of education has recently discovered the age of enlightenment’s preoccupation with empiricism and there is now a great movement towards evidence based data-driven decision making, both in the classroom and in the wider community.

The problem is that educational research is a best a ‘proto-science’ and suffers from a reasonable  amount of ‘Physics Envy’.

So how does the contemporary educator untangle the literature and look for the relative impact that various educational strategies and interventions can have on students’ learning?

Well one resource is the ‘Teaching & learning Toolkit’ produced by the the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) of the UK.

This is a great online resource that allows you to compare the relative cost and impact of various initiatives.

Enjoy exploring the toolkit HERE

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Originally from the U.K. but now residing in Canada where I work as a Science & Technology educational consultant. I have an insatiable love and curiosity for science and passionately believe that scientific literacy is absolutely vital to produce citizens that can think critically.

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